Subject: Proposal for Integrating Shri Hanuman Ji 40ft Statue Project with Youth Community Centre Development

Dear Community Leader/Volunteer,

I am reaching out to introduce a visionary project that aligns cultural heritage with community development—the integration of a 40ft statue of Shri Hanuman Ji with the establishment of a Youth Community Centre just outside Auckland. Hindu Organisations, Temples and Associations (HOTA) Forum NZ spearheads this initiative, aiming to create a unique cultural and educational space that pays homage to Shri Hanuman Ji and simultaneously addresses the essential need for a dedicated youth-centric hub.

1. Project Overview:

The combined project envisions a dynamic space—a cultural and educational centre—that incorporates the spiritual essence of Shri Hanuman Ji and provides a nurturing environment for the holistic development of our youth. The initiative is slated to launch on the auspicious occasion of Hanuman Jayanti around April 24, symbolizing the project's commencement.

2. Youth Community Centre Objectives:

The Youth Community Centre will serve as a vibrant hub for educational, recreational, and social activities aimed at young individuals aged 18-35. Key objectives include fostering personal development, building leadership skills, and cultivating a strong sense of community among Hindu youth.

3. Shri Hanuman Ji 40ft Statue Project:

The statue will be positioned atop the building, serving as a focal point for the cultural and educational centre. The facility will showcase Bharat's contributions to the world.

4. Comprehensive Services:

Services offered within the Youth Community Centre encompass a diverse range, including career counselling, leadership development programs, arts and cultural activities, sports and recreation facilities, and community outreach initiatives.

5. Facility Components:

The proposed location for the Youth Community Centre will feature recreational areas, a multipurpose hall, and a dormitory to accommodate 80 youths for camping activities. Collaborations with local businesses and professionals will enrich the centre’s offerings through workshops and mentorship programs.

6. Amenities for Holistic Development:

·       A vegetarian restaurant/café promoting a healthy and cultural dining experience.

·       A bookshop offering literature on Hindu Dharma, culture, and related subjects.

·       A library equipped with a collection of books, manuscripts, and resources for research and learning.

·       A spacious 500-person function hall for events, gatherings, and cultural activities.

7. Funding and Partnerships:

Securing funding will involve a strategic blend of government grants, private donations, and partnerships with local businesses, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and corporations committed to youth development and cultural preservation.

8. Community Impact and Team Formation:

The Youth Community Centre aims to significantly contribute to the social fabric of the Hindu community, creating responsible and empowered citizens. We invite individuals with expertise in project management, architecture, cultural studies, event planning, and community engagement to form a diverse team dedicated to the success of this 4 to 5-year initiative.

9. Budget and Timeline:

A detailed budget breakdown is being drafted covering facility renovation, equipment, program development, and operational expenses. The project timeline spans four to five years, with specific milestones and phases outlined in the attached project plan.

In conclusion, we believe that this integrated project will not only benefit the youth it serves but also contribute to the overall well-being and vibrancy of our community. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to discuss this proposal further and explore collaboration possibilities.

Thank you for your consideration. Your support and involvement are vital to the success of the Shri Hanuman Ji 40ft Statue Project and the Youth Community Centre.

Jai Shri Ram!


Vinod Kumar

National Coordinator


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